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High-security locks for residential and commercial applications are designed to provide enhanced protection against unauthorized access and break-ins. They offer advanced features and mechanisms that make them more resistant to picking, bumping, drilling, and other common methods of forced entry. Here are a few types of high-security door locks commonly used:

Deadbolt Locks: Deadbolt locks are widely recognized as one of the most secure types of door locks. They have a solid metal bolt that extends into the door jamb when locked, making it difficult to force the door open. Look for deadbolts with hardened steel bolts and reinforced strike plates for added strength. I install strike plates when necessary.

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High Security Locks: Smart locks combine electronic access control with connectivity features. They can be operated remotely through a smartphone app, allowing users to grant access to specific individuals and monitor entry logs. Look for smart locks with strong encryption protocols and two-factor authentication for maximum security.

Mul-T-Lock: Mul-T-Lock is a well-known brand that produces high-security locks. Their locks feature unique keyway profiles, patented key control systems, and advanced locking mechanisms designed to resist picking, drilling, and other attacks.

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Keyless Entry Systems: Keyless entry systems use electronic or biometric mechanisms for access control. They typically require a PIN code, fingerprint, smart card, or proximity token to unlock the door. These systems eliminate the risk of lock picking and provide additional security features like tamper alarms and access logs.

Cylinder Locks: High-security cylinder locks, such as those conforming to the European standard EN 1303:2015, offer enhanced protection against manipulation and drilling. They often include features like anti-picking pins, anti-drill plates, and hardened steel inserts to resist forced entry.

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Door Locks – What Level Of Risk Are You and Your Assets Exposed To?

Door Locks – In terms of physical security, a locksmith’s can implement levels of security with keys, electronic key pad lock system, thumb print identification. A locksmiths work frequently involves making a determination of the level of risk to recommend and implement appropriate combinations of equipment  policies to create “security layers” which exceed the ability of an intruder or attacker.  Call Safety Locksmith Today.Residential Commercial Locksmith – My van is fitted and stocked with a fully mobile Locksmith North Myrtle Beach service


When choosing a high-security door lock, consider factors such as the level of protection needed, the lock’s resistance to different forms of attacks, and compatibility with the door and frame. It’s also recommended to consult with a professional locksmith like me a security expert to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your specific requirements.

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