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My job includes opening a home, office or vehicle. If you need me just call. I will drop what I am doing and open what ever you need. “Benny”


Locksmith – My name is Benny. I have been a locksmith for over 25 years. Most jobs are simple and only require 5% locksmith skills. However when it comes to doing the job right on a custom door for residential or commercial call me. A person without skills will create long term problems. 

As an emergency locksmith dealing with vehicle keys is the most challenging. Making a decision with my customer to bring the ignition back to original working order or taking short cuts to get the vehicle back on the road again. Remember it has to do with getting parts, time to repair and value.  So if you need help call me.

Call Me... "Benny"

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My Van is fully stocked with keys, remotes and tools to get the job done right.


Secure Doors. “Steel”

Most old doors only need a little care to study them up once again and seal the frame for an air tight fit.  However when dealing with a damaged door and frame the job becomes more complicated. If you are having security problems consider steel doors and frame.

Steel Home Doors & Frames

In an apartment complex the door maybe steel but the frame is wood.  There is no safety with a wood frame. Consider asking your landlord for a steel frame upgrade. If it is your home and you have ladies in the house I highly recommend reviewing your door security including the sliding door.  Benny 

Reliable Emergency Locksmith

Securing access to your home and businesses

Times are getting tough and people are becoming desperate. You need to secure your assets. 

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Emergency Locksmith Starts Before A Break-in.

Did you know that the law is allowing any vagrant that breaks into your investment ownership. You Need to secure your investment before a break in happens. If you have a vacant home secure your investment so the vagrant goes to the neighbors home.

Vagrants, Migrants & Just Thieves are learning to turn your investment into a nightmare.